Austin Reed is an international American contemporary artist known for his unique fusion of styles referencing from city streets, human figures, and abstract influence. He has found inspiration from many different forms of painting and tries to implement them into a unique style of his own. Reed is a mixed media artist who is driven by his own imagination to create works of fine art which consistently grab attention and express his current feelings. Incorporating elements of street views, human forms, and abstract textured layering into his varied compositions, Austin combines conceptual photography references and cityscapes, along with poetics and historical events to explore an eclectic range of media. Born in 1989 in Ventura, California, Austin came to San Diego in 2013 to pursue his tattoo career. Although Reed’s background and training is in tattoo art, the two-dimensionality and the pedestrian nature of the painting media drove him to find a far more expressive outlet in contemporary art. This rebellion against figurative illustration motivates Reed’s use of texture and mix of finishes. He is now in the studio doing mixed media paintings daily expanding to multiple San Diego art shows and galleries, while also doing custom pieces.